Louisiana Republicans Elect National Convention Delegates

March 14, 2016
Contact: Jason Doré

Louisiana Republicans Elect National Convention Delegates

The 2016 Louisiana Republican State Convention met on Saturday in Baton Rouge and elected 43 delegates to represent the state in Cleveland, Ohio at the Republican National Convention.

Louisiana receives 46 votes at the national convention. Under party rules, Louisiana’s delegates were awarded to presidential candidates proportionally, based upon the votes they received in the March 5 Presidential Preference Primary. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz earned 18 delegates each. Five delegates were allocated to Marco Rubio and five are uncommitted.  Three of the uncommitted delegates are automatic delegates as they are Louisiana’s Republican National Committee members.

Following the state convention, the Louisiana delegation met and elected officers and committee members. Mr. Jeff Giles was elected Chairman of the Delegation. Public Service Commissioner and Donald Trump State Chairman, Eric Skrmetta was chosen as Vice-Chairman. Jason Dore will serve as Treasurer and Collin Buisson will serve as the Delegation Secretary.

The committee members are as follows:

Gwen Bowen- Rules Committee

Ross Little- Rules Committee

Tony Perkins- Platform Committee

Sandy McDade- Platform Committee

Rhett Davis- Credentials Committee

Kim Fralick- Credentials Committee

Andrew Bautsch - Committee on Permanent Organization

Jennifer Madsen - Committee on Permanent Organization

Below is the full list of the 2016 Louisiana Delegation to the Republican National Committee:


Posted on March 14, 2016 .