LAGOP Releases Presidential Caucus Results

The Republican Party of Louisiana released complete but unofficial returns for presidential caucuses held in 20 locations across Louisiana on Tuesday evening.

A total of 3,354 people participated in the caucuses. Supporters of each presidential candidate nominated individuals to serve as potential national convention delegates, pending the outcome of the Louisiana Presidential Preference Primary on Saturday.


Candidate                   Ballots        
Ted Cruz                      1,523
Donald Trump              1,010
Marco Rubio                 578
John Kasich                   168
Ben Carson                     71
Jeb Bush                         4  

Participants nominated 185 candidates for delegate at the caucus. Eighteen of those candidates, three from each of Louisiana's six congressional districts, will be elected on Saturday based on how many votes their presidential favorite receives in their congressional district.

A complete compilation of all caucus results may viewed at

Posted on March 2, 2016 .