LAGOP Congratulates Donald Trump on Louisiana Victory

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr. tonight congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the Louisiana Republican Presidential Primary.
"On behalf of Louisiana Republicans, I congratulate Mr. Trump and wish him well on the campaign trail in Michigan and Mississippi next week," Villere said."More than 100,000 Louisiana voters made their voices heard tonight by sending a clear message that they are fed up with the political establishment and want to see real change in Washington by electing Donald Trump as President. Louisiana Trump supporters are extremely patriotic and enthusiastic citizens. They have our thanks and congratulations, also.”
According to the Louisiana Secretary of State, 36.3 percent of Louisiana Republicans cast their vote for their preferred Republican presidential candidate while only 23.3 percent of Democrat voters went to the polls. A record 301,169 Republicans voted in today’s Presidential Preference Primary compared to 161,169 in 2008 and 186,410 in 2012.  
“Our candidates have energized our base and attracted thousands of new voters to the fold,” Villere said. “Louisiana’s voters showed they are ready for change after eight years of President Obama’s failed policies and turned out in record numbers today. Democrat voters clearly are not thrilled to choose between scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders, who are promising more of the same."
Trump received 124,818 votes, or 41.4%, this evening. Senator Ted Cruz received 113,949 votes, or 37.8%. No other candidate received more than 20% of the votes statewide. Therefore, complete but unofficial returns indicate that Trump will be allocated 12 at-large delegates, Cruz will receive 11 and five delegates will be unbound.
Each of Louisiana's six congressional districts will receive three delegates to the Republican National Convention. Complete but unofficial returns indicate that Trump, Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio will each receive one delegate in each district except for the Fourth District, where Cruz will receive two delegates and Trump one.

Posted on March 6, 2016 .