Sanctuary Cities in Louisiana?

Last Summer, Kate Steinle was murdered while walking with her father on a San Francisco pier. Kate was killed by an illegal, who had been convicted of multiple felonies prior to San Francisco ignoring a DHS request to hold him until immigration officers could pick him up.

Kate's death could have been prevented had sanctuary policies not been followed.

Louisiana has the opportunity to end sanctuary cities, and it is up to us to ensure that happens. 

HB 151 by Valarie Hodges and HB 453 by Jay Morris are meant to prevent and penalize sanctuary cities.

Both bills are expected to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee this week. 
Contact members of the House Judiciary Committee today and encourage them to pass HB 151 and HB 453.

If you think protecting our communities is more important than shielding dangerous criminal illegals from immigration enforcement, take action today!

Posted on April 18, 2016 .