Jeff Landry: We must end Sanctuary Cities Now!

My Fellow Republicans,

We must end sanctuary cities... now!

As your Attorney General, I am committed to ensuring the rule of law is followed by everyone. It is a matter of justice and public safety.

Reports of illegal aliens breaking the law and getting away with it are becoming a regular occurrence.  We ask that our elected officials stand with us to uphold the rule of law and protect our communities.

Tens of thousands of illegals live in Louisiana and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. 

What's worse is that liberals have enacted sanctuary policies that encourage illegal aliens. 

According to the Immigration Task Force led by State Representative Valarie Hodges:

- 5,339 illegals receive SNAP benefits (also known as Food Stamps)
- Illegals are a $3.2 million burden on our state's prisons
- Louisiana foots $16 million for Medicaid welfare coverage of illegals - an amount surely to rise with Medicaid welfare expansion

In February, New Orleans issued policy guidance to its police officers requiring them not to inquire about the immigration status of suspects they encounter and to not cooperate with federal authorities - making New Orleans a sanctuary city.

Allowing illegals to commit crime then roam free in our communities is an immense threat to the safety of our people.

Where do you stand? Join me in saying NO to sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary policies and the elected officials who support them are actively undermining the rule of law.

Sign the petition today and say NO to sanctuary cities.

For Louisiana,

Jeff Landry

Posted on April 19, 2016 .