Sanctuary Cities bill: the Governor's “concerns”

Did you see this? Governor Edwards says he has “concerns” about sanctuary cities legislation.

As you probably know, our state legislature is considering legislation to crack down on cities that do not enforce federal laws regarding illegal immigration.

These cities create sanctuaries in Louisiana for illegals and put our communities in danger. These cities instruct our police officers to ignore the laws they have a duty to enforce.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is dedicated to upholding the Rule of Law—plain and simple.

But Governor Edwards has “concerns” about the effect this legislation will have on New Orleans, which became a Sanctuary City in February. What it comes down to is this—Governor Edwards doesn't think New Orleans should have to comply with federal immigration law.

Governor Edwards also has “concerns” that the legislation gives the Attorney General too much power. A provision in the bill asks the AG to produce an opinion about whether a city's laws and policies make it a Sanctuary City. Writing legal opinions is the Attorney General's job—a job to which the people of Louisiana overwhelmingly elected Jeff Landry. 

Governor “Dishonor Code” Edwards should not attempt to strip power from other duly elected officials. Instead, his “concerns” should be with his oath of office—he swore to uphold the law, and sanctuary cities are openly violating federal law. Moreover, the Governor's main concern should be with enforcing the laws he swore to uphold.

Posted on May 6, 2016 .