Another "All-Republican Night" in Louisiana

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr. issued the following statement on the outcome of Saturday evening's election to fill three House seats.

"Joe Stagni has been a dependable conservative voice on the Kenner City Council, and will be a dependable voice for Republicans in House District 92 and across the state.  We look forward to working closely with Joe to tackle the problems that face our great state.

"It is a tremendous victory that a conservative Republican like John Stefanski won in House District 42, a district that Democrats have dominated for decades--one that contains the hometown of many of the leaders of the modern Louisiana Democrat Party like John Breaux, Chris John and Edwin Edwards.

"The inability of the Democrat Party to recruit a Democrat candidate to run in this district is yet another indicator of the Louisiana Democrats’ empty bench, even in areas of the state they recently dominated. As Governor Edwards looks to use the next three years of his term to raise taxes and implement policies contrary to the values of the vast majority of Louisiana voters, we are looking forward to continuing to expose their lack of a bench in 2019 when several similar legislative seats will be open due to term limits.

"John Stefanski will be a dependable vote for conservatives in the Louisiana Legislature.  We look forward to working with John to oppose the reckless tax and spend policies that are constantly put forth by the Edwards administration." - LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

"We're thrilled that 2 Republicans have made the runoff in House District 8.  This is a district vacated by now Congressman Mike Johnson, a steadfast conservative.  We congratulate Raymond Crews and Robbie Gatti." - LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

With these two Republican wins and an all-Republican runoff in House District 8, Republicans will hold 61 seats, Democrats will hold 41 seats, and 3 seats will be held by Independents. Republicans will soon hold a two-thirds majority in the Louisiana House of Representatives."

Posted on March 26, 2017 .