HB 6 to Exempt Louisiana Residents from Obamacare Penalties

The Republican Party of Louisiana released the following statement from Chairman Roger Villere regarding HB 6 by Representative Paul Hollis (R- Covington): 

"As the Trump Administration continues to fight for the repeal of Obamacare in Washington, Republicans in Louisiana are joining in on the fight with House Bill 6 by Representative Paul Hollis (R- Covington). In concert with President Trump's Executive Order pertaining to Obamacare, HB 6 would exempt Louisiana residents from the penalties imposed by Obamacare for failing to obtain or maintain health insurance coverage. In addition, HB 6 requires the heads of executive branch departments and agencies to request waivers from the penalty provision of Obamacare. HB 6 is scheduled to be heard before the House Insurance Committee this Wednesday, April 26th. I encourage all Republican lawmakers and activists to support this measure by Representative Hollis."

Click here to view HB 6 in it's entirety.

Posted on April 25, 2017 .