Call your Representative to Say "Thanks" for Defeating Gas Tax

House Republicans have defeated the proposed tax increase on gasoline today. Proponents have pulled the bill and will not pursue passage this session.

Please call your state representative today and say "thanks" for the House killing the gas tax. You may also want to congratulate her/him for the House's passage of a "standstill" budget, which serves as a complete shift of direction at the Capitol, one that puts our state firmly on the road to fiscal recovery.

Too often, we call our legislators only to urge them to vote a certain way or to complain about how they voted, but fail to say "thanks" when they get it right. So I am asking each of you today to call your state representative to congratulate her/him for the success we are seeing in the House of Representatives this session.

The House switchboard number is (225) 342-6945.

Thank you very much.

Roger F. Villere, Jr.

Posted on May 31, 2017 .