2016 Republican National Convention
Cleveland, Ohio -- July 18-21

Louisiana's new delegate selection system awards presidential contenders delegates based on their performance in the Presidential Primary.

The 3 ways you can become a delegate from Louisiana

Louisiana has been allotted 46 delegates and 43 alternates to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Louisiana's 3 RNC members serve as automatic delegates. The remaining 43 delegates and 43 alternates are elected. Here are the 3 ways you can become a delegate.

1 - Run for delegate at the March 1st Congressional District Caucus. (36 positions are available - 18 delegates and 18 alternates.)

2 - Be nominated by a presidential contender. (Up to 46 positions are available -- 23 delegates and 23 alternates.)

3 - Be nominated from the floor of the March 12th State Convention. (At least 4 positions are available -- 2 delegates and 2 alternates.)

Option 1: Run at a Congressional District Caucus

File a notice of candidacy online by filling out the online form below  between January 25th and February 12th. No fee is required, but you must declare which presidential contender you support when you file.

At the March 1st caucus, from 4pm - 8pm, voters in each congressional district will be divided by presidential contender and will vote for up to 6 delegate candidates who support the same presidential contender as they do. The top 6 delegate candidates for each presidential contender will become his/her slate in that congressional district, ranked in order of the number of votes received. If two delegate candidates are tied, the one who filed earliest will be ranked highest.

On March 5th, Louisiana will conduct the Presidential Preference Primary Election. Presidential contenders will be awarded up to 3 delegates and 3 alternates in each congressional district in proportion to the percentage of the vote they receive on the March 5th ballot. If a presidential contender earns one delegate, the top finisher on his/her slate in that district will become a delegate, and the second place finisher will become an alternate. If the presidential contender earns 2 delegates in the district, the top 2 finishers will be delegates, and the third and fourth place finishers will be alternates, and so on.

Option 2: Be Nominated by a Presidential Contender

Contact the campaign of your favorite Republican presidential contender and ask to be included on his/her official statewide delegate slate. These slates are due to be filed by February 1st, so act quickly. Presidential contenders who receive at least 20% of the statewide vote will be awarded a percentage of the 23 statewide delegates and alternates in proportion to the percentage of the statewide vote they receive in the March 5th Presidential Primary. 

The March 12th State Convention will fill these delegate slots with individuals from the slate of the presidential contenders who earn them. Delegates on statewide slates are not ranked in any order. The State Convention may choose anyone on a slate to fill a spot as long as it is for the appropriate presidential contender.

Option 3: Be Nominated from the Floor at the State Convention
On March 12th, the State Convention will fill any remaining positions. Two positions will be nominated by the LAGOP Executive Committee and the remainder will be uncommitted delegates and alternates nominated from the floor as a result of some presidential contenders not receiving 20% of the statewide vote in the Primary. Anyone who is a registered Republican voter in Louisiana is eligible to be nominated. The State Convention is composed of 35 individuals to be chosen by the current State Central Committee.