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“John Schroder’s record and actions are a clear indication of how well he will serve the people of Louisiana as State Treasurer,” said Chairman Villere. “Republicans in Louisiana recognize the importance of the office of State Treasurer; and we know John Schroder will lead the office with honesty, integrity, and conservative principles.” 

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere issued the following statement congratulating Dr. Craig Greene on winning the election for Public Service Commissioner

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere issued the following statement congratulating former State Representative John Schroder on making the run-off in the election for State Treasurer

Earlier this month, registered Republicans in Pointe Coupee Parish met in New Roads for the purpose of forming a Republican Parish Executive Committee(RPEC). 11 members were elected, with William Ruiz elected Chairman of the newly formed Pointe Coupee Republican Parish Executive Committee.

Baton Rouge- The Republican Party of Louisiana unanimously passed a resolution at its most recent State Central Committee that calls for the pardon and exoneration of First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. 

The Republican Party of Louisiana today announced its official endorsement of former State Representative Lenar Whitney for Public Service Commissioner in District 2.

Steve is a champion for freedom, one of the great leaders to come from among our ranks. We have every expectation that Steve will make a full recovery.

Too often, we call our legislators only to urge them to vote a certain way or to complain about how they voted, but fail to say "thanks" when they get it right. So I am asking each of you today to call your state representative to congratulate her/him for the success we are seeing in the House of Representatives this session.

Please call your state representative at (225) 342-6945 and urge her/him to vote AGAINST any version of a gasoline tax increase.

Baton Rouge- Republican lawmakers in the House Appropriations Committee successfully amended and passed HB 1, the state's spending plan, on a 17-5 party-line vote. House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry (R- Metairie) provided a package of amendments that transformed the bill to a "standstill" budget, freezing state spending for next year at the current year's level, with the exception of some constitutionally mandated increases.

"Louisiana Republicans congratulate Mayor-elect Hunter and look forward to working closely with him in the years ahead." - LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

I congratulate Representative-elect Crews on his victory. We look forward to working with him to oppose the reckless tax and spend policies that are constantly being put forth by the Edwards administration.“ - LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

The Republican Party of Louisiana released the following statement from Chairman Roger Villere upon the failure of Governor Edwards' keystone tax bill: 

"As the Trump Administration continues to fight for the repeal of Obamacare in Washington, Republicans in Louisiana are joining in on the fight with House Bill 6 by Representative Paul Hollis (R- Covington)." - LAGOP Chairman, Roger Villere

Republican Delegation Chairman Lance Harris (R-Alexandria) said, “This is a sad day for Louisiana. What was once an attractive state for the oil and gas industry has now become a beacon of instability. The coastal lawsuits were a major warning sign that the legal environment is only getting worse. Talk of major tax changes that will cripple businesses in the state was likely the final straw.”

Republican Party of Louisiana Executive Director Jason Doré will be moving his family to the nation's capital to serve as an official in the administration of President Donald J. Trump.

As Governor Edwards looks to use the next three years of his term to raise taxes and implement policies contrary to the values of the vast majority of Louisiana voters, we are looking forward to continuing to expose their lack of a bench in 2019 when several similar legislative seats will be open due to term limits.

The Republican Party of Louisiana released the following statement from Chairman Roger Villere regarding Judge Neil Gorsuch’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Guillory, who has previously served both in the Louisiana House of Representatives and the Louisiana Senate, will be chairman of the LAGOP's Minority Outreach Committee.

LAGOP Vice-Chair Beryl Amedee, National Committeewoman Lenar Whitney and President of the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women, Gena Gore, issued the following statement in response to Congressman Cedric Richmond’s remarks (Click photo to view video) about Kellyanne Conway