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The Republican Party of Louisiana is strong, principled and conservative. It is the Party that should lead the state of Louisiana. We want to represent every facet of American society, not by patronage but by principle, and not by dividing interests but by serving the good of all.

Membership in the Republican Party of Louisiana is open to all citizens residing in our state who share the values and beliefs expressed in this document. We recognize a duty to include all who share these values and beliefs, making a special effort to welcome and involve those from groups not traditionally associated with our Party.   

Louisiana Republican Trust Membership is only $100 per month on your credit card or monthly bank draft. ($1,200 annually)

Louisiana Republican Trust Benefits:

  • Lapel Pin
  • Bi-annual conference call with the Chairman for LAGOP update
  • Limited edition Ronald Reagan print by George Rodrigue
  • Complimentary annual spring thank you reception – entrance for 2
  • Entrance for 2 to VIP reception at LAGOP annual fall fundraiser (with purchase of regular tickets)